Its a Dogs Life ?
 I saw you bring him in your car,saw his tail wag excitedly,
he thought you were bringing him here for a walk,
he didnt know you were bringing him here to die,
for that is exactly what you were doing,
you muttered some inane excuse”the yards just not big enough,
keeps jumping on the kids,he”d be good on a farm,lots of room to run around.”
But I dont want to hear your excuses,Ive heard them all a thousand times before,a dog can only be what you make it,why dont you keep a goldfish instead?
I watch as you sign a release form,really all you are signing are your dogs death papers,and I smile and take a donation from you,
for that is what I must do,even though anger pounds the air and I am disgusted at you and disgusted at myself for not speaking up.
I watch as your dog is led away to join the dozens of other loved family pets,
I watch as his eyes seek yours in sudden panic,as he realises your not taking him for a walk,
and you turn your back on that dog and leave,
he who worshipped the very ground you walked on just wasn”t worth a passing thought.
I saw him get led from his kennel,he was happy to get out and stretch his legs,
he didnt know he was being taken to die,
I saw him get lifted onto the table,saw his gentle trusting eyes
saw the needle inserted into his vein,and I saw him die,
saw the life vanish from his eyes,saw his lips curl back in a dead frozen grin
and I thought to myself, perhaps he grinned in that last moment
at his  faith in YOU who killed him
I watch as he is put into a body bag
watch as he is thrown onto the steadily increasing pile of other loved family pets and I wished you could have been here to watch it to,
but there is no time for tears,no time to grieve over the life we take
for a line of others just like him waited, with wagging tails and trusting eyes,to die forgotton in that ghastly room
some dogs life.
                                                                           Sharon Campbell