Paintings for sale

              16 x20 inch framed $350.00

       Head to Head 24×18 inch Framed $400.00


       Impending Chaos
           Schools out sold



           Power of the eye
                Time out


             Cooling down
                  Team Leaders


         Peek a roo  


       The joy of movement  sold
Pig Out sold
            A cool spot on a warm day  
    Leonards Mill second Valley 1910


Flying Kangaroo 12×16 framed $90.00
Secret Bantam Business 16×20 framed $250.00






         Field of Dreams 10×12 Framed $65.00
  Alcopop  Framed $400.00
   Dads Helpers 24x20in Framed $450.00
 Abandoned project     $700.00
 The Riderless horse $900.00 sold

 Sharon Campbells Art