If you are thinking of commissioning a painting there are a few points you need to consider.
You will need to decide on the size and composition of your painting,ie headstudy,fullbody,background-plain or detailed.
Photo tips
I will require good quality photographs,it is good to have several photos to work from with atleast one of high standard showing your pets correct colouring.Photographs taken in soft natural sunlight are usually best ,generally photos taken with a flash are not suitable,the most suitable photos for a pet portrait are those taken at your pets eye level.
Below are a few examples of the type of photographs you need to achieve .
The quality and detail of the finished painting relates directly to the quality of the photographs provided so it is worth the time and effort required to get a good shot.
Suitable photos can be emailed ,or posted to me .
If you have trouble obtaining suitable photographs I can arrange to take them for you,
click here to see my photography service page for further information.
Price Guide
Prices are variable depending on size,standard or detailed background or if it is of one, or multiple pets.
I am happy to discuss and price alternative size options for your painting.
Below is an approximate guide to size and cost.

10×12 in (25x30cm) 

11×14 in



12×16 in (30.5×40.6cm)


16×20 in (40.6×50.8cm)


18×24 in(45.7x61cm)


24×30 in(61×72.6cm)


24×36 in(90x60cm)